Collections and Payments

We are the solution that allows you to send and receive multiple payments to different types of beneficiaries easily and securely.

diverse models

Simplify your payment process and elevate your brand.

Designed to meet the needs of the most diverse operational models.

From individual payments to bulk payments, one-time to recurring payments, for international or national businesses.

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build trust

Reduce the processing time of your payments.

Build trust in your brand by creating an easy and secure experience for your customers.

Pay customers on time through their preferred payment method, anywhere. Rely on the most comprehensive payment suite in the market. Comply with all regulations.

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Multiple Benefits

With our comprehensive pay-in and payout solution, we transform your company's financial management. Optimize your transactions with our intuitive and secure interface.

Operational Efficiency

Simplify your financial operations with an integrated system of pay-ins and payouts. Optimize cash flows, reducing the time and resources required to process transactions.

Transactional Security

Ensure the security of your financial transactions. Our advanced technology employs robust security protocols to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your financial data.

Financial Flexibility

Adaptability to your needs. Manage both incoming and outgoing payments, allowing you to adjust your financial strategy according to market demands and conditions.

Enhanced User Experience

Provide your customers and collaborators with an exceptional payment experience. Efficiency and speed in transactions enhance user satisfaction and strengthen business relationships.


Intuitive, innovative and fast.

The PayCash API allows for quick integration as it is easy to understand and use, with powerful features to generate payment references according to your collection needs.

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